Dance Your Way to POWER & PURPOSE

TRANSFORM Your Dancing
and Your LIFE

Dancer's MASTERMIND Intensive


Are You a Dancer...

Feeling uncertain, stuck or disillusioned by being an Artist and fulfilling your real potential?

Are You Tired of?

Feeling stressed, lost, frustrated or unmotivated by the current "in limbo" reality of dancing and life?

What If Instead?

You could reconnect with that innate reason WHY you started dancing in the first place, recapturing your passion & purpose?

Is it time...

Now, more than ever, is a time to RE-EVALUTATE.

To receive support, become part of community and find new clarity from within in order to move forward.

Managing  the massive disruption of our daily lives as well as the vast uncertainty of the future has pushed us to our edge as artists.

When the external seems stuck, this is the ideal time to look within.  When you shift your internal reality, your external reality can change...

How is this DIFFERENT than other Dance Classes or programs?

Much of dance focuses on the external. You are already masterful at learning movement and integrating it into your body.

LÎLA takes the opposite approach.

By working from within.  It draws on your body’s innate wisdom in its signature Dance Alchemy© exercises- having you FIND the movement from within through specific guidance, imagery and using your imagination. You will often be exploring with your eyes closed, so that it becomes about discovery.

What you will be discovering and experiencing through this exploration is YOUR RELATIONSHIP to dance and to yourself.

Many dancers start very young and take for granted just how much dancing shapes our sense of self and who we are.

What if much of how you approach your dancing, what you believe about it and yourself could not just be changed,

How it works

LÎLA uses your skills with dance as a tool for self-knowledge along with:

  • Metaphysical Theory based on psychology, mindset and transformational learning
  • Guided Meditation/Visualization
  • Journaling Practices
  • Dance Alchemy©

In this Program you will:

  • Release lingering negative past experiences as an artist that have left you disempowered, so you can feel confident and great about yourself and your talents again
  • Own your all of your accomplishments, talents, and self-worth so you have a solid foundation on which to continue developing yourself as an artist with a real voice

  • Free yourself from limiting beliefs like "I'm not good enough", "I don't belong", "Someday I'll be ready..."  and others so that you can realize your true potential in your career and in your life NOW

  • Stop living inside of unconscious conditioning around art, negative biases and misconceptions around dance as an art form, so that you can begin to redefine and live by your own rules about WHY dance matters to you and the World

  • Rekindle your love for dance with childlike wonder and joy so that a new future becomes possible

"I wasn't remembering why I was dancing in the first place. With LÎLA I gained back my confidence and feel super excited about what's to come. It helped me rediscover my love for dance."

Ryan Albee
NYC Based Professional Dancer

"LÎLA helped me to discover where my old beliefs were coming from and re-form my love for dance... to take it seriously, so that I could combine my love for dance and it being my career."

Petra Dušková
NYC Based Professional Dancer & Teacher

It's Time to Move towards a New Future

5 Thursday Evening Sessions via Zoom
7:30pm – 8:30pm US EST

(Session Dates- 11/5, 11/12, 11/19, 12/3 and 12/10*
*No Class on Thanksgiving 11/26)

Sessions on Zoom include group exercises, sharing progress and receiving support  (You will receive recordings for any LIVE Sessions you cannot attend). 

Plus between each session you will receive weekly online practices including:

  • Metaphysical, mindset and transformational learning
  • Dance Alchemy©
  • Guided Meditation/Visualization
  • Journaling Exercises



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