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Dance is my life's passion.

My vision is about humanity and its consciousness - about wonder and shifts in our awareness. This is due in part to my years of practicing and teaching the healing arts and meditation which have profoundly influenced my dance making.
I makes dances that are visceral and intelligent with emotional depth. Part of my intention for my choreography is that others reclaim parts of themselves through watching dance.


As children, we all dance. It is our first language. Before we can speak, we can move. We express, feel, and explore the world through our physical reality. I believe the ability to connect with dance is timeless and ageless. When we connect with it we come home. I believe this can also be our access to our highest selves.

- Kristen Mangione

“What art does is to  coax us away from the  mechanical and towards the miraculous.” 

- Jeanette Winterson