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LÎLA - Divine Play
Dance & Spirit Workshops


What is LÎLA?

  • LÎLA – Divine Play is a new dance meditation practice, created by
    Kristen Mangione.

  • It combines guided dance improvisation with energy awareness from the ancient Indian chakras and Chinese meridian systems to create a moving meditation.

  • Grounded in the physicality of the body, it works on multiple levels with the brain and sensory awareness. This is done through verbally guided meditations that use visual imagery, metaphor, and awareness of specific areas of the body.

  • It draws on the practice of shifting the brain’s awareness from the hyperactive, intellect into a deeper consciousness, sensory-based experience, so that the Parasympathetic Nervous System and healing responses are activated.

  • Participants have experienced results including increased positive emotions such as joy and compassion, as well as healing release of grief, sadness and apathy. The practice is open to both those with and without prior dance experience.

Upcoming Dates in
New York City and Hoboken, NJ