Dance Alchemy For Clarity & Confidence

Hello beautiful,

Are you feeling fatigued, overworked and in need of something that can energize your mind, body and emotions?

Then..It’s time to dance your way into a life of authenticity, self expression and new possibilities.  LÎLA, my signature dance alchemy method is the synthesis of 20 years of professional dance experience and metaphysical studies, and it has helped countless women reconnect and give creative expression to their inner selves.

Are You Ready to "Dance Your Way To Clarity & Confidence"?

Jump out of bed in the morning

Feel completely confident & truthful about who you are

Ready to release blocked emotional energy

Then "Dance Your Way To Clarity and Confidence” my new dance alchemy program (which includes my signature dance method LÎLA) will launch you into deep transformation and self-expression. The effects of this deeply interactive program will create ripples throughout your life and career.

If you are ready to join the next group virtually or in person:


Through 8 Interactive Modules You Will:

* Learn How to find your creative Zen through movement, embodiment and the chakras. This will reconnect your mind, body and emotions which will help bring calm to your life and career

* Discover ways of expressing and channeling your creative energy so that you can feel fully self-expressed and more balanced

* Learn to find more pleasure in your body and the simple things in life (like taking time for lunch)…

* Learn to create healthy boundaries with integrity, clarity and self respect so you can have better work relationships and reach your goals faster

* Learn to listen (and better hear) you inner knowing so you can establishing trust in your Self and your hunches

It’s time to improve your quality of life. It’s time to add more life to your life!! It’s time to dance.

"For anyone looking to enhance the self-discovery process, I would highly recommend ZenSpace's LÎLA program and workshops. LÎLA is a wonderful investment in YOU! In a world that is often unbalanced, I continue to find that inner balance is essential. With exposure to meditation, I was intrigued about tapping into (and balancing) the chakras via divine play. Kristen carefully designs each class/exercise, allowing you to play & explore in a safe space - where you feel comfortable sharing with others. Throughout the course, I experienced a range of emotions and was reminded to trust my instincts. As a result, the biggest shift I observed was that when I am balanced, I am more likely to recognize and trust my intuition"

Sarah Trite


Free mediation to own your power and have unshakable self confidence.


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