Dance Your Way to Power & Purpose

Hello Extraordinary You,

Are you feeling fatigued, overworked and in need of something that can energize your mind, body and emotions?

Then... It’s time to dance your way into a life of authenticity, self-expression and new possibilities.  LÎLA Programs, which include my signature Dance Alchemy© process, are the synthesis of 20 years of professional dance experience and metaphysical studies, and they has helped countless women reconnect and give creative expression to their inner selves.

Are You Ready to "Dance Your Way To Power & Purpose"?

Jump out of bed in the morning

Feel completely confident & truthful about who you are

Ready to release blocked emotional energy

Then "Dance Your Way to Power & Purpose”, my 60 Day LÎLA Signature System program (which includes my signature Dance Alchemy© process) will launch you into deep transformation and self-expression. The effects of this deeply interactive program will create ripples throughout your life and career.

If you are Dealing with:

* Tolerating work, a relationship, or situation, but resisting doing anything about it

* Overworking and never getting the real credit, salary, position or appreciation you REALLY deserve

* Not standing up for yourself, or asking for the support you need

* Managing everyone else's needs and expectations of you, instead of your own

* Feeling guilty if you say NO, or when you feel angry, sad, or annoyed

* Shrinking out of fear, or hiding your talents so you don't stand out "too much" or risk not being liked

* Feeling drained or irritable that something doesn’t seem RIGHT in your life and you don’t know WHY

* Life being one big "TO DO" list, instead of a JOY to be lived

* Not trusting yourself and your instincts

* Missing the connection with your body- its strength, vitality and flexibility

* Feeling disconnected from doing what you REALLY LOVE

Then... It’s time to Look Deeply Within, Restore your Body and Spirit & Transform Your Life

How is this DIFFERENT than other Dance Classes?

Most dance classes focus on the external. You learn movements and integrate them into your body.

LÎLA takes the opposite approach.  It draws on your body’s innate wisdom- having you FIND the movement from within through specific guidance, imagery and using your imagination.  You will often be exploring with your eyes closed, so that it becomes about discovery and is experiential.

In its signature Dance Alchemy© exercises, you are invited to release any inhibitions or ideas of "what needs to happen, or how things should look" so that your movement and thoughts can flow freely THROUGH you. It’s about by-passing intellect and listening to find something deeper. Through this process, you will reconnect to childlike wonder, become curious and connect to your innate Divinity by shifting your consciousness. The name, LÎLA, comes from the term “Divine Play” in Sanskrit.

Another key difference is  LÎLA uses the Chakra System as a tool for self-knowledge.  Key concepts of the Chakra functions are explored, not just intellectually, but experientially through Dance Alchemy©.  The body is a  link to the unconscious, where stuck emotions, traumas and incompletions from the past remain. It is often these incompletions that keep us stuck and repeating things over and over in  life, without fully understanding WHY.  Through this process, what you uncover you can transform and heal.  The result is feeling lighter, empowered and more enlivened by your life!

If you are ready to explore this transformational virtually-based program:


How it Works:

Each week you will receive a module virtually including-

* Metaphysical Theory on the Chakra System, psychology, mindset and transformational learning

* Guided Meditation/Visualization exercises with journaling practices

* Dance Alchemy© Exercises of guided dance improvisations combing imagery, energy awareness, and physicality for profound discovery

Every other week, you'll have a 45-minute Zoom conversation with LÎLA Founder, Kristen Mangione, designed for you to-

* Chart your progress and review key concepts

* Share your breakthroughs and celebrate your victories

* Receive support and have all of your questions answered

At your program start, you will also receive a Crystal Elements Pack via Mail which will-

* Support all of the Chakras and amplify your results

* Include a tailored combination of crystals suited for your specific needs and program intentions

Each week will focus on a specific Chakra and theme including:

* ALIGNMENT: Becoming aware of your authentic desires and living from intention
* SECURITY: Grounding and owning your needs
* EMOTIONS: Owning your feelings and experiencing more pleasure
* CONFIDENCE: Taking back the power in your life
* SELF-ESTEEM: Self-Love and greater harmony in relationships
* COMMUNICATION: Speaking authentically and owning your voice
* THE FUTURE: Seeing beyond the past and imagining the NEW
* INNER PEACE: Feeling at Home in Yourself and with Life

By the end of this program you will be able to:

* Have courage to say what you REALLY think and take risks to do what you REALLY want

* Have what you LOVE be a part of your life NOW instead of "Someday...”

* Walk into any room with confidence

* Speak up for yourself and create healthy boundaries

* Say NO without apologizing or feeling guilty

* Feel connected so you move with grace and ease

* Find simple pleasures in your day to day (like taking time for lunch!)

* Think more clearly, hear and trust your intuition

* Love yourself and the people around you more

* Put yourself first so life becomes pleasurable

* Ask for that promotion, or project, knowing you CAN handle it (even if you've never done it before!)

* Step fully into your soul’s path by owning your gifts

* Feel greater inner peace

It’s time to improve your quality of life. It’s time to add more life to your life!!
It’s time to dance.

If you are ready to DISCOVER What Your Life is REALLY for:


"Throughout the program, I experienced a range of emotions and was reminded to trust my instincts. The biggest shift I observed was that when I am balanced, I am more likely to recognize and trust my intuition."

Sarah Trite
Project Manager

"I’m an introvert by nature, but here I felt accepted and empowered and it was amazing to feel free and open. You have given us tools that make us stronger and more compassionate people. It’s a wonderful gift!"

Tara Colligan
Business Manager

"The win for me in this program was changing fear to hope... Feeling safe no matter where I am and trusting I'm OK to be who I am and embracing my uniqueness."

Chisa Liu
Founder, Seazen Soaps

"I feel more comfortable in my body... in expressing how I feel whether its being true to myself or expressing it to others... It's been a truly enlightening and empowering experience."

Donna Frese
Health Care Analyst

"Usually I'm a little bit everywhere... I realized that I just have to feel and be in the moment and experience... it was a little piece of heaven for me."

Jennifer Daure
Redefine Your Leadership Style with Jennifer Daure PCC


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