Global Virtual Collage - Become a Part of it Now!

What is Your Access to the Eternal?

For each one of us there is something that has us come TRULY alive

Now more than ever be enlivened
by the possibility of what you love and believe in...


that is the World's Expression of the Eternal

Contribute an Image or Short Recording
of Your Personal Expression of Either
Your Art, Your Spirituality or Your Community

Find YOUR Expression...

1. Watch the Video Meditation about the Eternal

But First, make sure your sound is ON...


Dancer: Kristen Mangione
Music: Rajan's Song (feat. Gs Rajan)
Stephane Escoms Trio ℗ Stephane Escoms
Featured Artist: Gs Rajan · Composer: Stéphane Escoms

2. Choose Your Area...


Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Photography, Dance, Theater, Singing, Writing, Humanities,
and the Nature of Beauty... 


Meditation, Prayer, Religion,
Consciousness, Being, Divinity, Mind Body
and the Nature of Truth...


Culture, Society, Relationships, Causes, a World that Works for Everyone, Equality
and the Nature of Goodness...

3. Become a Part of the Global Collage...

Capture your expression of either Your Art, Spirituality or Community
in One of the Following:

- a Photo that represents your Expression

- a 30 second Video or Audio clip of your Expression

- a few sentences Description of your Expression

Submit your photo, video, audio or written submission to be included in our Global Collage by June 6, 2020
(Submissions will be edited and compiled into a video piece)

On June 20, 2020 you'll be invited to Return to this site page, or tune in on Instagram to experience the final Global Collage!

4. Submit Your Piece Now

Add your piece of the Eternal!

Add Your Expression!