In the midst of so much disruption, is an opportunity for

  RE CALIBRATION as a Virtual Community


Are You Feeling?

Consumed by the anxiety surrounding the current state of the unknown in the World?

Do You Notice Being?

Overwhelmed, distracted and out of sync with life due to massive changes in your day to day living?

Are You Fighting?

Being pulled down by the negativity, fear and scarcity being focused on constantly during this time?

Feeling Disrupted

In this unprecedented time of the world’s pandemic, the very notion of our daily living has been eroded. 

What was once taken for granted- routines, social interactions, habits and activities, is now literally being rewritten.

What if...

Entering into the field of all possibilities allows us to bear witness to our co-creative powers and change any situation in our lives. – Deepak Chopra


The Call for Adaptation

In nature, the ability to survive is directly correlated with one’s ability to adapt and find the right support at the most critical time. 

This 28 Day virtual group experience will be to guide us to powerfully adapt in this time of great unknown by resetting our systems, our mindsets and our reality within a powerful community.

Together we will transform the following areas:

  • Fear into Fluidity and Flexibility
  • Insecurity into Unshakableness
  • Negativity into Being Cause in the Matter
  • Isolation into Connecting beyond Time, Space and Circumstances
  • Hopelessness into Seeing a Real vision for the Future

It's Time for a RE CALIBRATION

Starting on 3/25, we will come together on Wednesday evenings 6:45pm – 7:30pm US EST for virtual sessions of group exercises, sharing progress and receiving support. You will also get online recordings for virtual support.

We'll be resetting our systems virtually and in the live streaming sessions using:

  • Dance Alchemy© practices
  • Guided Meditation
  • Healing energy work
  • Journaling
  • Creativity
  • Theory to give context and empower us from the Five Element and Chakra Systems

Now is the Time

Let's powerfully adapt together


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