Tired of Feeling Like Your Life isn't Aligned with Your Spirit?


If you're feeling lost, you're not alone.

You know something greater is waiting for you, but you can't figure it out. And overthinking or looking to others for answers hasn't really helped. Something has got to change.

Dance Alchemy for the Soul was created for people who are excited about transforming their reality by tapping into their intuition. Whether you have studied dance, or are absolutely new to it, learn to listen deeply to your body and follow it towards something greater.

Because your body holds the keys to what your spirit wants.

Listen to Your Body's Intuition

With one-on-one guidance and group support, you've found a safe space
to listen deeply & nurture your spirit.



Dance Alchemy for the Soul is a mixture of artistry, healing and a creative journey to connect with your spirit.

Through moving your body, you are guided through an alchemical process for both the body and mind. Each exercise is a guided dance/movement improvisation using your imagination, meditative breath and energy awareness. Unlike traditional dance formats, you are encouraged to work with your eyes closed, to focus on feeling and allow your own innate movement to emerge.

Discovery is found by bringing unconscious patterns to the surface through how your body moves and feels. When your body and nervous system are listened to, forgotten thoughts, decisions and patterns can be revealed. These shifts can give you profound new possibilities in areas that were blocked, stuck or felt limited.

Through how your body moves and feels, new worlds of possibility are revealed.


Watch a glimpse of what Dance Alchemy for the Soul is like


I am a soul seeker.
And I am committed to transforming the World through dance.

For much of my life, I was deeply conflicted about being a dance artist. I could never quite figure out what my path was. In that search, I encountered unexpected, miraculous things- the healing arts, meditation, Eastern philosophy and transformational self-development. What has emerged is beyond what I could have ever imagined.

I am now deeply inspired to share these tools for self- realization with you.

"What I've been getting is a better sense of self, self-awareness & self-expression.
I feel more comfortable in my body, I feel more comfortable expressing how I feel."

Donna F.

"Throughout I experienced a range of emotions and was reminded to trust my instincts. As a result, the biggest shift I observed was that when I am balanced, I am more likely to recognize and trust my intuition."

Sarah B.



If you are a creative, or soul seeker wanting more inspiration and alignment in your life, this is for you. Reconnect with your body, mind and emotions. Bring confidence and clarity back to your life and define your soul's path.

Are sick and tired of just being “fine” when you know in your heart there is so much more waiting for you?
Are ready to do some deep soul searching work to break up the old patterns for good? Then its time to connect with your spirit through your body's inner compass of intuition.

If you are being called, then Dance Alchemy for the Soul is definitely for you.


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