DANCE ALCHEMY©: Conquering the Waves of Fear to Rise Above It All


In this Dance Alchemy© sample experience explore the feeling of being grounded and supported, amidst the changing flow of the environment.

Dance Alchemy© is about embodiment, or being in and connecting to your body in very specific ways so that you can understand concepts viscerally, or experientially vs. intellectually. 

The difference is, for example, when you learned about the concept of balance.
You may have heard the concept explained to you as an idea; but it was only when you actually rode your first two wheel bike and EXPERIENCED the feeling of balance in your body, you understood it in a totally new way. 

This is the WHY of LÎLA's Dance Alchemy©.

Notice how your body responds in this guided experience. 
What do you feel, what do you notice, and what do you get from this? 
What did you DISCOVER?  What you get is exactly right.

Its not about doing it correctly, its about doing it YOUR WAY to learn and uncover more for your own...

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